Justin Herrington (left); Bill long (right)

Justin Herrington (left); Bill long (right)

Born Again Heartwoods not only recovers lost sinker cypress and heart pine from the rivers, bottom land swamps, and lakes of South Carolina- we also provide a variety of custom products such as furniture design, large table and bar top slabs, milling, beams, rough-cut lumber, T&G flooring and paneling, siding, and more. Sinker old growth virgin cypress and heart pine are far more durable than modern cypress and heart pine. Old growth virgin cypress siding is still found featured in most historical Charleston homes, and heart pine beams continue to support the roofs which line the Charleston Battery after centuries of hurricanes and warfare. Once great plantation halls flank the Ashley River with heart pine flooring and virgin cypress timber- looking as elegant as it first did when initially installed almost three hundred years ago. Virgin heart woods have remained long after they were forgotten. Born Again Heartwoods brings these superior old growth virgin heart woods back to life, and with it, a piece of history otherwise unseen.

- Custom Furniture, Design & Built-ins

- Lighting Fixtures

- Table, Counter & Bar Tops

- Conference Tables, Chairs & Benches (corporate outfitting)

- T&G Flooring, Paneling & Siding

- Custom Milling

- Rough Cut Lumber

- Bowls, Platters, Home Goods

- Consultations & More...

“If you were to find yourself meandering through the rivers, creeks and streams of inland Charleston County during the warmer months, you might come upon an earnest young man in a wetsuit driving a mysterious contraption through the murky water...that would be Justin Herrington”
-BARRY WALDMAN; Charleston Style & Design Magazine