Based in Meggett South Carolina, Born Again Heartwoods (Justin Herrington & Bill Long) is dedicated to giving life to sinker logs once lost to the untamed bottomland swamps and rivers by early South Carolinians. Sinker logs are known by several names such as deadheads, old growth, and virgin growth. These sinker logs emerge from their dark, muddy tombs with an unmatched strength and beauty lost to timber today due to modern cultivation. By recovering these sinker logs, Born Again Heartwoods gives birth to a variety of virgin cypress, longleaf heart pine, and other heartwood products which are a GREEN resource. South Carolina was once the home of some of the largest old growth virgin bald cypress trees in the country, just over a hundred years ago.  Men like Francis Beidler could see the value in what was considered worthless bottomland swamp. Between the end of the Civil War and World War I, the southeast United States virgin bottom land forest were cleared at an alarming rate. Virgin forest were once the homes of huge cypress, black tupelo, black oaks, longleaf heart pine, shortleaf heart pine, black walnut, willows, sweet gum, green ash, and so much more. Today modern cultivation has left our lands covered with southern yellow pine which grows to saw-log size in under 50 years. Thanks to Mr. Beidler, a small plot of virgin bottomland forest still exists as the Congaree National Park where huge old-growth cypress and virgin longleaf pine can still be found.